Emerging Technologies & Engagement Development Council

Emerging Technologies Council

If you want to stay at the forefront of communications technology, join IAUG’s Emerging Technologies Council. “We look at new concepts, new architectures, and products in the development stage,” says Paul Leatherman, chair. “Our council focuses on what’s new with Avaya and other companies, and where technology is going in addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Council members can gain a better understanding of Avaya’s technology direction, and provide suggestions and feedback as part of the IAUG Future Needs process. “More voices on our council will give a broader aspect to our feedback to Avaya and could very well drive future directions,” says Paul.

By taking an active role in the council, members can also get important insights to take back to their organizations, educate their colleagues and update their local chapters.  “I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to join our council,” Paul says. “Avaya’s is a global leader in advancing communications and collaboration technology and the emerging solutions now in development can make a big difference to the future of your organization.”

Product Emphasis:

  • Avaya Breeze® applications by Avaya and partners
  • Avaya Oceana™
  • Avaya Cloud
  • Avaya Equinox™ – collaboration, clients, and mobility


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Paul Leatherman
Chief Technology Officer
CRI, Communication Resources Inc.,

With more than 30 years of experience in technologies that are the building blocks of unified communication, Paul is truly a leading technical expert in the field. At CRI he focuses on the company’s long-term technology vision and the strategy to achieve that vision. Paul is an accomplished speaker with a long history in user groups, including IAUG, IAMP, INNUA, INDUG, and the Avaya Technology Forum (ATF).

Avaya Champion:

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Mike Killeen
Senior Product Manager
Avaya Solutions and Technology

Mike brings in-depth knowledge in customer and team engagement solutions to his role on the council, along with more than 35 years of experience with Avaya/Lucent/AT&T. He currently responsible for the Avaya Breeze® platform infrastructure, and his prior product management responsibilities include Avaya Aura® Presence Services, Avaya System Management include system monitoring, instrumentation and monitoring partners in the DevConnect Select Product Program. He has also led various aspects of the Avaya Integrated Management offers and the Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM) team.  


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