Security, Cloud & Networking Council

Security, Cloud & Networking Services Council

“New applications, emerging technologies and collaboration tools are essential for our non-profit organization,” says Jayne Hogle. “Avaya’s commitment to developing leading-edge solutions has helped us fulfill our important mission.”

As chair of the Security, Cloud & Networking Council, Jayne guides discussions on current challenges and Avaya’s solutions. “We have been focused on new security vulnerabilities and best practices to harden our systems,” she says.  “Any IAUG member with an interest in keeping a secure telephony environment should join our council.  Council members can also learn more about supporting their Avaya ecosystem under different network infrastructures.”

One of the biggest benefits of joining the council is the ability to share insights, best practices and “gotchas” relating to the migration of on-premise systems to the cloud. “We also cover anything that has to do with the network and security vulnerabilities, as well as the impact they can have on our environments,” Jayne adds.  “By participating on the council, members get access to experts and peers who can help provide real-time information on a variety of topics and see what others are doing.”

Product Emphasis:

  • Avaya’s Cloud solutions and services
  • Network infrastructure
  • Avaya Aura®Virtualized Environment
  • Security vulnerabilities in the Avaya ecosystem


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Jayne Hogle
Telecom Manager, Business Technology
American Heart Association

Jayne Hogle has been active in the Avaya user group for more than 20 years – almost from the start of her telecommunications career. “I was a college student working at Sisters of Charity Hospital in Houston in 1988 when a hurricane threatened our city,” she said. “I was the only one who came into work that day, so I wound up answering the phones. That’s how it all started.” After two years at the hospital, Jayne joined Dr. Pepper, where she spent 15 years, moving into voice services management, with responsibilities stretching from Canada to South America, including French and Spanish language call centers.  In 2005, she returned to the healthcare sector at the nonprofit American Heart Association.

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